In October 2006 Paul posted some of his lyrics on the Studiotrax forum and invited members there to have a crack at setting them to music. This resulted in a very different and eclectic bunch of songs but all wonderful in their own way.

The lyrics are here and if you want to write some music for them feel free as long as you let Paul have a copy of the final song. You will notice that in some of the songs the lyrics have been changed by the musician concerned - this was always done either in consultation with Paul or with his agreement.


A version by Annie Mayo Graf, an American, who currently lives in France

Annie's Blue

Originally done as a solo piece by Rod Ferguson, from Idaho in the states, when several other members asked to be involved Rod agreed and this version has Rod on guitar and vocal, Ken Matson from Philadelphia on Hammond organ, Andy Frame from Lake Worth, Florida on drums, Kevin Durr from Modesto, California providing background vocals and Bill Henson from Cambridge, Ohio on gob iron (harmonica).

RamRod Blues

This ones by Derek Cameron who was born in Scotland but currently lives in New Jersey

Cam's Blue

A version by Leon Bateman of Saanichton, B.C., Canada