Paul has been collaborating with a bunch of people from the States and Ireland on a number of  projects.

The first Collaboration was "Furnace of my heart" where Paul had already written the lyrics, he sent them to Billy Edwards in Ireland who then wrote the tune and played & recorded most of the music. Ron Caruana from Florida added keyboards and Tommy Harper from South Carolina did the vocal. Billy then completed it with the final mix, mastering and production.

"Satansnipple Ode", "House of Fun" and "Doctor Curio" are pieces written by Paul who also did the vocals on them, some of the music on the Satansnipple and effects on House of Fun . These audio pieces have music and effects added by Ron Caruana who also did the final mix, mastering and production. They were written as Halloween specials for the people at http://www.studiotrax.net which was set up and is run by Ron and Billy Edwards and where Paul is an administrator.

You can hear and see more of his work undertaken in collaboration with the Optical Busstop Group at http://www.opticalbusstop.com.


Doctor Curio  - link to lyrics Doctor Curio


  Live from Worktown · House of Dr Curio by Paul BlackburnDoctor Curio Live from Worktown · House of Dr Curio by Paul Blackburn

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House of fun


House of Fun


Furnace of my heart

Furnace of my heart