Paul has been involved in the arts for many years, here, in brief, are some of the projects he's been involved with:



Co-founded, edited and ran Bolton Free Press, a local newspaper.

He was a member and one of the chief writers for Optical Busstop (an off the wall musical group) which still exists as a broader Arts organisation - see the Optical Busstop web site - where he works with others in producing content for it.

Live Friday, Octagon
In the early nineties he instigated and ran, with his friend Nat Clare, the immensely successful  monthly "Friday Live" show at the Octagon Theatre, Bolton. Following on from the regular shows there were further performances on TV and radio as well as special events and festivals



He was employed by LAMP (Leigh Alternative Media Project). From its base as a bookshop, LAMP was a community resource, providing a variety of workshops to the community and resources & support for a number of local arts groups. Paul was heavily involved in facilitating, running and assisting in all aspects of the LAMP work particularly in Literature and Poetry projects.


At Ruskin College he ran a Folk/Spoken Word Club and was a punk DJ.


At Liverpool University he assisted in running the Folk Club and was involved in a writing/drinking group there.


He lived for a while in a squat in Islington with a bunch of artists and film makers many of whom went to the Bournmouth film school. They were involved in many arts projects, a couple involving involving music and dance, and at one stage Paul even helped to build an impromtu dance floor.