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During the early stages of the pandemic of 2020, Paul decided he would run a fortnightly edition of an on-line magazine at https://worktownwords.uk/. The idea was to invite different people to curate a magazine and to select 10 of the submissions which would then be published online.

The results were amazing with over 50 writers producing 100 great new pieces of literature and an audience that is still growing exponentially.

After the tenth edition it was decided to produce a paperback version of 42 pieces from the 100 on-line (some writers declined to be included) and then for the on-line magazine to become monthly.The anthology has now been put together and will appear in Mid-September.

Curators for the ezine and the themes they chose:

Dave Burnham: Edition 1: Theme: SPRING

Scott Devon: Edition 2: Theme: JOKER

Dave Morgan: Edition 3: Theme: HORIZON

Rita Gornall & Carol Cleary: Edition 4: Theme: ESCAPE

Lavinia Murray: Edition 5: Theme: SHOCK

Paul Blackburn: Edition 6: Theme: SILENCE

Chris Chilton: Edition 7: Theme: STRANGER

Kim Edwards-Keats: Edition 8: Theme: HERITAGE

Gareth Preston: Edition 9: Theme: CELEBRATION

Sarah Maclennan: Edition 10: Theme TEAR


AUDIO Stories and Poems

In addition to the written word there is also a section of the site devoted to the spoken word.

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