Paul started a Bolton story telling group called 'Once upon a time...' The first event took place at 7.30pm on Friday 26th February 2016 at the Socialist Club, 16 Wood Street, Bolton.

Guest: Alan Gibbons

The Wood Street Writers are now considering when/if to have another similar event.



OctagonLogoPaul's short story, "The Holiday of a Liftime" was accepted to be used in the Best of Bolton event at the Octagon Theatre. A video of the story will appear on this site shortly.

The event took place on the evening of Saturday 7th November 2015.

Director of the Octagon, Elizabeth Newman, selected the pieces and directed professional actors in an Octagon performance of the work of writers chosen.

This is an event that celebrates local talent and is not just for playwrights. The Best of Bolton champions local writers who write prose, poetry, radio and film as well as stage plays.


PaBIWP logo1aul has been assisting in this project for over a year now. He created and administrates the website, videos and edits workshops and performances, and general assists the group in whatever way he can.


In Autumn 2014 Paul approached Chris Chilton at the Bolton Socialist Club to discuss the possibility of hosting a writers's group at writers logothe club. It was decided to start the group in November 2014 and to host it at 10am every 2nd Saturday of the month thereafter. The group has workshops that are led, at different times, by Paul, Chris Chilton, Peter Street and Hannah Middleshaw.

If you are interested in attending the writers' group then please use the Contact page here to get in touch.


In October of 2013 Cumbrian poet Geraldine Green contacted Paul to see if heLivefromWorktownLogoTiny could help New York poet, George Wallace, get bookings for his 2014 tour. Paul approached Scott Devon, who runs a night in Bolton, who decided to arrange an event for George in June.

Scott then discussed promoting the event with Dave Morgan and together they decided to create Bolton's first International Poetry Festival and successfully approached the Arts Council to get funding for it.

 They then approached Paul to create and host a website for what had become the 'Live from Worktown' Festival - click here to view it.

 Paul also assisted in organising and publicising various aspects of it. The main events were in the last week of June 2014 though there were other events throughout June and early July.

After the 2014 Paul became a director of the organisation and helped organise the 2015 festival. The festival was a huge success and took place largely over May 2015, it included performances from John Hegley, Jackie Hagan, Mandy Coe and Brian Patten.

In early 2016 Scott Devon left the organisation as did a few committee members, Dave and Paul soldier on.