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A new article in the investigation of the history of the Crime Thriller series, The Murder Ballads, is also published here for the first time. This article looks at how this ancient form of news broadcasting influnced later forms of the thriller, particularly the Penny Dreadfuls.


viking helmet

In June 2012 Paul's story 'Viking' was displayed in a flash fiction exhibition presented by Writing on the Wall at the Kuumba Imani Millenium Centre, 4 Princes Road, Liverpool, L8 1TH.

A 1794 USA Silver DollarAlso in June 2012, his monologue 'The Silver Dollar' was peformed in the Hippodrome Theatre, Todmorden and is to appear in a collection of monologues published by theĀ Todmorden Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society.

Both the Story and Monologue can be found in Stories


Paul at a Mushaira

Paul appeared at the Gujarati/English bi-lingual Mushaira organised by the Gujarati Writers Guild UK Saturday 23rd June 2007 - click on Video to see it.


Hungry GrassOn a visit to the Museum of the Countryside in Ireland, Paul was moved to write a poem about the famines that took place during the 19th century. What is less well known is that the famines (and there was more than one) were often either engineered or exacerbated by the English rulers who heartlessly starved the general population in an attempt to curtail Irish calls for justice and equality under the law. Click here to see it.



Check out Paul's new video for an old song which he's recently recorded for the 1st time: http://paulfblackburn.co.uk/index.php/video