Here are some videos made by (and some featuring) Paul:

Here's 'Sex with Strangers' from the Live from Worktown Festival June 2014

Here's an attempt at a bit of telepathy - Who knows it could work for you too.

What about an old song (only just recorded) with a new video?

The Perfect Girlfriend, featuring the superb Sarah Maclennon, recorded at Liverpool December 2006

The Policeman in my Head recorded at the Everyman, Liverpool October 2006

The Escapologist, written and performed by Paul Blackburn and recorded in Bolton in June 2009 by F James Hartnell

Paul Appears at the Gujarati/English bi-lingual Mushaira organised by the Gujarati Writers Guild UK Saturday 23rd June 2007

A video clip from the Royal Exchange performance of Hovis in Wonderland (tribute to Hovis Presley) 2007, with Paul O'Pinter (stage name of Paul Blackburn), Stella Blackburn (no relation), Hilary Walker, Dave Morgan and Kevin Bates (Sound). Written, directed and produced by Dave Morgan