Here are a selection of quotes about Paul - (some may be bogus)

What they said about Paul's Poem, 'The Canonisation'
paulworldbookday 2008"Tensile strength poetry!" Ricardo Reis,
"...touched by a stroke of genius" Sophie McKeand

What they said about Paul:

"I admire you!" Paul Auster

"I loved your compéring!" Rachel Pantechnicon

"Paul is the dada (and mama) of poetic lunacy," Dave Morgan

"You rocked like a bastard!" Tony Walsh 

"Odd in a profound way. Profound in an odd way. Odd in an odd way. Way in a way way." Moxy Casimir


 "He makes me look like a wimp!" Hunter S Thompson


 "Odd, very odd indeed!" Alabaster DePlume


 "I sometimes wonder what is in his head" Abi Idowu


"His work has echoes of the vulgarity of the French impressionists" John F Keane. 


 "He may be a genius or an idiot, either way he's not staying at this school!" Paul's headmaster expelling him from school.