After the Flood

(Old Royd Lock – Number 17)

                                                                          K640 lock17C

                                After the flood                          I want to be buried

                                there was a fatalism                upright

                                an acceptance                          in the

                                that no matter                         canal

                                what we do                               a 'Caution

                                eventually                                 Underwater

                                we’ll be overwhelmed              Hazard!'


                                After the flood                         Then

                                we had camaraderie               I'm sure to be

                                a blitz spirit                             remembered

                                in the face                                as the

                                of devastating                          cantankerous

                                adversity                                  crackpot

                                human warmth and               I am now

                                 contact                                    still

                                reigned supreme                    causing trouble


                                                             I went to this lock

                                                                    and cried



                                                                      it all


 As part of the Rochdale Canal Festival, August 2012, this poem was placed at Lock number 17 which is close to Todmorden on the way to Hebden Bridge.

This poem in situ at lock 17Poem in situ at Lock 17