The Hungry Grass Hungry Grass

They buried them like praities in the hungry grass
The only sustenance they knew before
Oh rue the Oomycete, the blight
The flight, the fight - tight innards of the desperations 


An Gorta Mór, the murderers and cursed
 Mórrígan of the English lords and king
“Oh master save my siblings and the kids”
Die, scum of rutting pigs!


Pre-Auschwitz genocide - they pit my dead
Bulldoze them in the bloated cut
Danu weep, they glut your sacred realm
Ireland grieve and rail! 


* The 'Hungry Grass' was a phrase used by Irish people to denote the places where people had died of starvation in the famines in Ireland that took place during the 19th Century

* 'an Gorta Mór' means literally 'the great hunger' and is used in the Irish language to refer to famine.

* Mórrígan is the Irish goddess of battle and strife

* Danu is the Irish mother goddess