Ok, I said that we should be trusting,

Our relationship should be based on love

And we're intelligent and responsible people

Doing all the things we should

We respect each other don't we?

We treasure our equality

But when I said you could sleep in my bed

I didn't mean without me


Well, of course, I'm civilised and couth

My actions are all calculated and cool

But you are driving me bananas babe

I may well break every rule

I might go stark raving bonkers

And do something I will regret

Though can I risk the loss of goolies

Never mind my self respect?


Don't worry, I've regained composure

Reassuringly I ‘m calm

I gave way to lower feelings

I'd never do you any harm

Yes, go on sleeping dearest

I didn’t mean to be a bore

I’ll tuck you in to keep you comfy

I'll be dandy on the floor!