No Hands Required

“There is an invisible, silver thread that runs from my brain into the controls of the machine itself. Although it looks to anyone who cares to observe me as if I am driving this car like anyone else, using the old fashioned manual controls, this is an illusion.” I said to the police officer after he had pulled me up for dangerous driving.

 “Really sir!” he said in a derisory, supercilious way, obviously not believing me and taking the keys out of the ignition.

 “Ha!” I said triumphantly, and mentally put the car into gear and willed the accelerator to hit the floor, “I’m off!” I cried, “Catch me if you can in your feeble 21st century vehicle.”

 “You’re nicked,” he said routinely and pulled me out of the vehicle. Just then my car drove off at an enormous speed, and the policeman and I looked at each other in complete surprise.